Special Christmas Podcast- Meet the ladies from SR’s Florentine Series Fan Podcast

Meet Kez and Pam, part of the English speaking podcast that covers the Florentine Series.  Kez sent us a moving message very apt for the season and Pam joined us live and we had lots of fun when she sang the Twelve Days of William. She was brave! You can listen to that in the 3rd Part of our Special Podcast – Navidad con El Príncipe.  You can also listen to Pam, Kez and Dana on Mixlr. For more information about the times you can go here.

SR’s Florentine Series Fan Podcast

Hello everyone, my name is Kez from sunny Perth, Western Australia and I am a podcaster from the SR’s Florentines Series Podcast team.

When did you find Sylvain Reynard’s books?

My first experience of SR’s writing was through the wonderful story that is the Gabriel Inferno series back in 2012 and my reading experiences have not been the same since.

What do you enjoy most about the show?

What I enjoy the most about our podcast is sharing the Florentine Series with other like-minded readers. It’s an opportunity for us all to share our own thoughts about the story while also learning about works of art, architecture and Florentines from the Renaissance period.

Why should people listen to the podcast?

Whether people are listening to the Florentine Series or the Gabriel Inferno series podcasts, it is a great opportunity to experience Sylvain Reynard’s stories and participate in the conversation. Whether you’re new to these stories or an experienced SR reader, it’s a delightful way experience these stories and help to bring these characters to life.

Do you have a special Christmas message you want to share?

I have always used the festive season as a time to emphasize the importance of giving to others. Whether it be family, friends, loved ones, or more importantly, to the less fortunate through donations in my local community. I like to give to others in some small way that spreads a little kindness with no expectations in return and I encourage others to do the same. Sometimes you can be rewarded for such kindness when you least expect and in a wonderful heartwarming way. Many years ago I shared some choc-hazelnut biscotti with my daughter’s dance teacher at the time. I told her it was recipe that our family enjoyed and it soon became a tradition every Christmas. She enjoyed them very much and asked me for the recipe. I had forgotten this until last year when my daughter shared a post from her Facebook page. It was from her old dance teacher who was paying tribute to the delightful biscotti recipe. She mentioned how I told her it was traditional Christmas recipe our family enjoyed and now her family has also shared in this tradition since I gave her that recipe.  This is a wonderful example of how that kindness can be returned.

To our new podcast sisters of Noches en Florencia, thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this special podcast, congratulations on its great success. I wish you all the very best as you begin this wonderful adventure.

To everyone listening I hope you enjoy this festive season with family, friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas to you all, may the New Year bring a more understanding and peaceful world for us all.

What do you enjoy the most about the podcast show?

I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow podcasters Dana and Kez. I also enjoy researching around the book. The Renaissance, the music SR uses in the books and the artwork. It all helps me understand William better.

Why do people should listen to the podcast?

I hope that people listen to us for a conversation of the books. I hope they can laugh with us and if they pick up a little information about Florence all the better.

My Christmas wish to all would be to enjoy your families. Pray for a more joyful and peaceful world. Our planet is large and we are different in many ways. We should learn from each other cultures, to become more open to what is around us.