Special Christmas Podcast – Interview with SR, The Professor, Snarky and The Prince of Florence

These interviews were made possible by our dear author Sylvain Reynard. He gave his readers this wonderful Christmas gift where we were able to hear from some of our favorite characters once again.  If you want to keep up with SR’s work you can subscribe to his blog here. He is also very active on Twitter at @sylvainreynard.

Interview with SR, The Professor, Snarky and The Prince of Florence

How are you all doing?

SR: I’m good, thanks. It’s a pleasure to be with you. Thank you for the kind invitation and thank you for inaugurating the first Spanish language podcast devoted to my works.

The Professor:  Hello Ladies.

Snarky:  Hi Ladies.  Can I have your phone numbers? I’m very interested in learning Spanish

The Prince:  Greetings.

SR, finally your new series “Noches en Florencia” is available to our Hispanic community. What does this means for you?

It means a great deal to me. As you know, my Spanish speaking readers are very supportive of me and my writing. I’m very proud to have such a generous reading community and I’m grateful they will be able to read my new Florentine series in their own language.

This is not related to the series, but we’re curious about it… Will you ever consider a Latina to be the heroine in one of your stories?

 Yes. I already have in mind a novel set in Barcelona …

Professor Emerson, you’re one of our most beloved characters ever (parenthetically it should be noted that we hope that it’s okay with you that we call ourselves “The Prince Larks” and that you know that you’ll always be in our hearts.)

We’d like to ask you … How do you feel when someone talks about The Prince?

Truthfully, I feel the need to warn them.  It would be better if they stayed far away from him …

What are your plans for Christmas?

I celebrate the holidays with friends and family. This year, we’ll be spending Christmas at my father’s house in Pennsylvania with my brother and sister and their spouses.

The sexy Snarky Narrator is so beloved by all of us. No one uses a parenthesis better than our dear Snarky! Once again we have you narrating this new and wonderful series, “Noches en Florencia.” Just between you and me, which series do you enjoy narrating more? Who do you like better, The Professor or The Prince?

SN: I don’t like either of them very much.  But at least I could best the Professor in a fight. The Prince?  That’s something else … But now that we’re alone together, Ladies, let’s talk about you …

Finally, here is the mysterious and enigmatic Prince of the underworld of Florence. Let us introduce ourselves, my Lord. My name is MJ and these are Lily and Maru. Together, we call ourselves “The Prince Larks.” We hope you like it. We’ll be sharing your story every Saturday at 11am US EST, starting on January 16, 2016. How does it feel to know that so many people around the world, especially the Spanish speaking countries that we so proudly represent, know about you and your story?

*whispering* Um… My Lord, between us, if you ever visit Miami, my neck is available as a token of my hospitality. Same with Lily in Puerto Rico and Maru in Argentina. We’re always looking to make good deeds… Ahem.

The Prince – Thank you. I shall keep your offer in mind. To answer your question, I’m puzzled by all the attention. Normally, we try to keep our existence secret. Perhaps I need to pay a special visit to the author of these tales.

The Spanish speaking community is ecstatic with the release of “El Príncipe, first book of the series “Noches en Florencia” and we’re thrilled waiting for the release of “La Alondra,” the next book in the series. That’s precisely why we call ourselves “Las Alondras.” We want you all to know that it’s truly our pleasure to share this story that we’ve learned to love so much.

What would you wish to our community this Christmas?

SR:  I wish you a very merry Christmas.

The Professor:  Happy Holidays to everyone and an enjoyable New Year.

Snarky:  Send your phone numbers as soon as possible. And photographs. Lots of photographs.

The Prince: Stay safe.