Kindness is never wasted

In Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard there is passage in Chapter 10 where Gabriel and Julia have a profound conversation about faith, goodness and evil in the world; or rather the presence or absence of goodness because of all the evil that exists. Julia refers to another book to defend her position that there is still goodness in the world amidst all the evil that may exist. She explains that the leaves sprouting from the trees in spring represent the hope of something better, that despite evil or the pain we have in the world, something beautiful still remains. Moreover, she says:

 “- Why is there any goodness at all? (…) Because there’s a God, and he hasn’t allowed the earth to be entirely corrupted. There are sticky little leaves, if you look for them. And when you recognize them, you can feel his presence.” SR

This is one of many quotes where Sylvain Reynard mentions kindness, faith and charity in his books. The sticky little leaves sprouting from the trees in spring are a beautiful metaphor for the kindness that still exists around the world. In times of need, we all need sticky little leaves around us that give us hope. Each of us could be a sticky little leave for someone in need.

We feel blessed to be in the position to share the message Sylvain Reynard’s books with the Hispanic community around the world. One of the things we admire in SR is his charitable side; he uses his popularity to raise awareness of the need in our communities, promoting charities that help the needy.

Following the initiative of our favorite author, Sylvain Reynard, Noches en Florencia Fan Podcast, will promote a charity every month which is close to our Hispanic community and is able to help them in their time of need. We will share information about the charity and further share how you can donate to that organization either with a monetary donation, volunteering or creating awareness in your social circle.

If you know of any charity in your community that deserves to be promoted and you want to help, let us know at or at our social network accounts.

Thanks for following us and being part of this community of SR’s readers who seek to be sticky little leaves around the world that promote goodness, because kindness is never wasted.

Lily, Maru y MJ